Product manufacturers and brand owners around the globe see real-world opportunities and savings by partnering with r-pac to meet sustainability objectives for their organizations   and customers.

r-pac’s sustainable packaging solutions deliver significant benefits not only to the environment. These solutions can impact areas of business where strategic decisions affect the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

The keys to success in sustainability initiatives involve a sharp focus on a product’s lifecycle and the impact of each decision on all areas of your business.

r-pac’s commitment to remain at the forefront of packaging innovation extends beyond the factory floor. We work with clients to deliver compelling solutions that protect the environment and promote a sustainable future.

Packaging Development

  • Life Cycle Innovation
  • Design Optimization

Marketing Opportunities

  • Differentiation
  • Brand Perception
  • Market Growth

Operational Benefits

  • Total Cost Reduction
  • Energy, Water and Waste

Legal Considerations

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Industry Influence and Stewardship

Supply Chain Transparency

  • Reduction of Shipping Damage
  • Loss Prevention


By optimizing the packaging structure to the product, properly engineered packaging minimizes shipping damages and translates to lower per unit shipping costs through container utilization. Lower damage rates result in less waste and disposal costs.

Efficient use of packaging materials delivers optimal marketing opportunities onshelf, and extends to sustainable savings in the reduction of energy used to produce the raw materials.

r-pac engineers begin with the end in mind when approaching packaging design: from the sales floor to the distribution center, to the container and back to the merchandise supplier.

With this approach, r-pac engineers design and maximize pallet and container configurations that deliver optimized shipping and storage requirements. Results can include the reduction of time, cost and energy consumed in the transportation and storage of finished goods.



A wide variety of post-consumer waste (PCW) paper substrates can be utilized in existing processes and packaging structures, such as Kraft, CCNB and SBS paper stocks.

Recycled contents can range from 10-100% of the finished paper stock, providing a solution for every budget and application. r-pac has the experience and resources to recommend the right combination of recycled content to integrate your brand and achieve your sustainability strategies.



r-pac is an FSC® certified** corporation, providing clients with a number of options in paper-based packaging, including many choices of FSC® certified paper materials and thicknesses.

FSC® certification promotes biodiversity and responsible forestry practices, advocating for workers' rights and indigenous people and cultures where forest products are harvested.

r-pac FSC® Certified Facilities:

- FSC®-C010468 r-pac Hong Kong Ltd.

- FSC®-C146026 r-pac Packaging Company Limited

- FSC®-C057361 r-pac Packaging (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

- FSC®-C147123 r-pac PTS (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

- FSC®-C136094 r-pac Korea Co., Ltd.

- FSC®-C145409 r-pac Packaging (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

- FSC®-C129883 r-pac Vietnam Ltd.

- FSC®-C146385 Pt. r-pac Packaging Indonesia

- FSC-C145949 r-pac Accessories (S) Pte Ltd


- FSC®-C127915 r-pac (India) Pvt. Ltd.

- FSC®-C125034 r-pac Bangladesh Packaging Co. Ltd.

- FSC®-C124481 r-pac Pakistan AG-GIGI (Pvt.) Ltd.

- FSC®-C139978 r-pac Printcare Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

- FSC®-C136497 r-pac Central Armerica S.A. de C.V

- FSC®-C147066 r-pac Soluciones Textiles, S. DE R.L. DE C.V.

- FSC®-C145987 r-pac (Middle East) Limited

- FSC®-C160307 r-pac Tekstil SAN. VE DIŞ TİC. LTD. ŞTİ.