On May 31, 2024, r-pac co-hosted with NordCham to organize a seminar titled "Packaging for a Green Future" exclusively for NordCham Membership businesses and businesses looking for green solutions to pack their products. We were privileged to present insightful perspectives on sustainability trends within the packaging industry.

The seminar was a valuable chance to introduce sustainable technologies used in packaging industry

r-pac x NordCham: Seminar Packaging for a Green Future

Packaging is pivotal in product development, marketing, and consumer satisfaction. It plays a crucial role in defining brand identity, visually and tactilely embodying the brand's values, positioning, and commitment to quality. With climate change pressing, sustainable packaging solutions are gaining steady popularity. Technological advancements and innovations in materials have made it more viable and economical to create sustainable packaging options. Creating eco-friendly packaging isn't just about environmental responsibility; it's also about practicality and affordability. This dual focus is significant for packaging businesses striving to meet both sustainability goals and market demands effectively.

Materials and technology are important considerations to develop sustainable packaging

r-pac Vietnam is integrating sustainability into our core business strategies. We recognize the importance of reducing our environmental footprint and addressing consumer expectations for eco-friendly packaging. Adopting sustainable packaging practices allows us to align with our corporate sustainability goals, enhance company reputation, and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

That's why r-pac Vietnam cooperated with NordCham to organize Packaging for a Green future Seminar. The seminar aimed to provide informative insights into the packaging industry's transformation towards sustainability. We were honored to welcome NordCham members and companies interested in sustainable packaging as our invaluable guests for this event.

r-pac Vietnam co-hosted with NordCham to hold this seminar

Some highlighted activities of the seminar

The participants were given a comprehensive understanding of the latest packaging trends that were utilized in r-pac Vietnam’s factories, with many interesting parts.

Training Session

The training session of the seminar Packaging for a Green Future included 3 main topics:

- A review of the latest printing technology trends used in packaging manufacturing

- An overview of environmentally friendly substrates and materials

- Color frame and color management in packaging

The seminar provided informative insights about updated trend with packaging sector 

By covering these topics comprehensively, our seminar on Packaging for a Green future was able to inspire and provide a close view of interesting businesses across the sustainable packaging industry as well as the importance and benefits of adopting sustainable packaging practices. The training acted as a platform for us to share knowledge, foster innovation, and drive positive environmental impact through responsible packaging solutions.

Factory Tour

A highlight of the seminar was the Factory Tour, which generated significant interest among our guests who visited the production lines at r-pac Vietnam's facility. During the tour, we had the opportunity to showcase our advanced materials and printing technologies that were driving sustainable packaging innovations. Our facility exemplified our dedication to environmental responsibility, providing tangible evidence of our commitment.

r-pac Vietnam Factory Tour offered close view of packaging manufacturing lines

Workshop of making simple structural box

The seminar ended with an engaging workshop where participants crafted their chocolate boxes from flat paper. This hands-on activity allowed them to experience the process of finalizing structural packaging.


After the seminar Packaging for a Green Future, r-pac Vietnam expected that participants gained valuable insights into innovative materials, regulatory frameworks, and consumer trends driving the shift towards sustainability in the packaging industry. We wanted to express a message that: Embracing sustainable packaging was seen not merely as a choice but as a responsibility and an opportunity to lead in a conscientious economy.

The presence and contribution of our invaluable participants played an integral role in making the seminar a resounding success

We'd like to express our heartfelt gratitude to NordCham Vietnam for the invaluable opportunity to co-host and connect during this seminar! Their enthusiastic support was instrumental in ensuring the success of this event. Let's maintain this momentum and eagerly look forward to the upcoming events!

We sincerely thank our incredible attendees who made this seminar truly special. Your invaluable contribution and positive energy enriched every moment of our gathering. We hope all of the guests had enjoyable experiences, as we certainly did. Looking ahead, we were eager for an opportunity to integrate these insights into your development strategies, fostering a future where packaging not only protects products but also preserves our planet for generations to come.

  • 18/06/2024