r-pac Vietnam’s packaging honorably achieved the category of “Packaging with Impressive Design” in the “Vietnam Packaging Award” held by the Vietnam Packaging Association (VINPAS).

Overview of the Vietnam Packaging Award

Vietnam Packaging Association (VINPAS) is an organization for individuals and businesses operating in the packaging industry in Vietnam. Born in 2001, this organization currently boasts over 160 members and excels in linking top-notch suppliers with prospective clients.

The Vietnam Packaging Award, organized yearly by the Vietnam Packaging Association, stands out for its distinctive feature. Unlike other awards confined within the association's framework, it serves as a platform for fostering connections among diverse organizations and businesses in the industry.

Vietnam Packaging Award was a prestige award for businesses in packaging field

The primary objective of the Vietnam Packaging Award is to acknowledge the pivotal contribution of the packaging sector to Vietnam's economic progress. Moreover, this year's competition has notably highlighted innovation and sustainability in packaging, thereby promoting a path towards a more environmentally friendly future.

The magnitude and level of expertise associated with this award

This award has attracted increasing attention from packaging experts and companies across Vietnam, from the North to the South. Numerous entries from various locations were submitted to participate in this competition. Those entries were judged by a professional board of examiners consisting of leading experts in printing and sustainability technologies. The Vietnam Packaging Award also received two special supports from the Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association and Vietnam Advertising Association.

This award was well organized and drew much attention from professional specialists

r-pac Vietnam’s achievement at the Vietnam Packaging Award

As a competitor in this award, r-pac Vietnam submitted a total of 5 entries. Responding to the spirit of this award - Green Packaging for a Green Earth, our packaging provides a sustainable packaging solution that perfectly aligns with the brand's goals with a significant decline in the usage of PET plastics during the manufacturing and finishing process. Furthermore, their appealing structural designs were developed to enhance the shopping experience for customers, aiding their decision-making process when considering purchasing products.

r-pac Vietnam had 5 entries totally summitted to this award

These innovations were the direct result of our tireless efforts in research, market insight, and responding to customer demand for new packaging versions that are more impressive, sustainable, and saving materials and energy.

Our dedication and effort have yielded great results as our entries have been recognized in the "Vietnam Packaging Award" under the distinguished category of "Packaging with Impressive Design." This recognition reflects our continuous improvement and long-term commitment to sustainability practices in the packaging industry.

r-pac Vietnam’s packaging solutions achieved the category of “Packaging with Impressive Design”

In summary, we express heartfelt gratitude to VINPAS for granting r-pac Vietnam the invaluable chance to share our green initiatives! Moreover, the unwavering support and confidence from our clientele serve as significant incentives for r-pac Vietnam to persistently pursue novel approaches aimed at advancing sustainability within the packaging sector.

Together, let’s carve a green future.

  • 14/06/2024