Varnish and lamination are popular finishes for packaging. They play a remarkable role in protecting the package from outside conditions. In this post, r-pac Vietnam unleashes significant benefits and drawbacks of each finish to help you make a well-informed decision on which type of finish for your packaging. 

A comprehensive guide to varnish 

What is varnish? 

Varnish is a transparent liquid used to apply on the surface of materials after printing, offering a protection layer against external factors such as dust, dirt, moisture, scratches, and fingerprints. This technique not only enhances the visual appeal of printed materials but also improves the durability of packaging. As a result, it is easier to handle and ship materials without risking damage. 

Name some types of varnish 

The various types of varnish offer impressive methods for printers to manufacture high-quality products with captivating visuals. They are: 

- Gloss varnish: A versatile option that can work with a wide range of substrates. Yet, some individuals may have difficulty reading text or viewing decorative elements on a package's surface due to unwanted reflections or glare. 

Varnishes can be either matte or glossy depending on your requirements

- Matte Varnish: A perfect alternative to gloss varnish because it creates a non-reflective finish, but the life of this finishing layer is not as long as gloss varnish. The cost to apply consistently is more expensive. 

- Soft-Touch/Satin Varnish: Not only does this have a dramatic visual effect, but this type of varnish also provides a solid protective layer. The cost for satin varnish is the most expensive than other types. 

Essential aspects of lamination 

What is lamination? 

Lamination is the process involving the addition of a very thin layer of plastic film to printed materials. In addition to improving the beauty of the packaging, it offers the ultimate protection. Lamination provides a greater level of protection than varnish, which can be resistant to moisture and minimize the appearance of creases and cracks. Substrates after laminating can be extended to their longevity and keep the quality of artwork on the surface to be maintained. 

Popular types of lamination 

These days, lamination is available in many types, but the most common lamination styles are glossy lamination (shiny) and matte lamination (smooth). 

Lamination has got huge appreciation due to its professional look and high-quality

The crucial difference between gloss and matte lamination is their visual and tactile effects. While gloss is shiny and bright with a super-reflective surface, matte adds a smooth and silky touch to the cover, making it less reflective and anti-glare. Both gloss and matte lamination can fight against the wear and tear of substrates, but matte seems to work less effectively than its counterpart to protect printing pieces from dampness, scratches, and scuffs. 

What sets apart varnish and lamination?

Which finishing technique is better for your brand? 

If your business has a low budget, varnish is a perfect option for you. The versatility of varnish allows for efficient application across both the entire surface of printed material and specific design elements. Furthermore, most varnish is eco-friendly and appropriate for brands seeking environmental initiatives. 

Varnish and Lamination have both pros and cons for customers

On the other hand, lamination is the answer to minimize creases and cracks on your packaging. It is costlier than varnish but in turn, offers aesthetics and longevity. The outdoor shelf is durable and retains its attractive look for an extended period, even in harsh conditions. One of the main drawbacks of this technique lies in its materials. The laminating film layer is made of non-biodegradable plastics like PE and PET, which are not fully recyclable. However, green and recyclable mixtures are increasingly being used, providing various eco choices for businesses regarding sustainability as the most significant consideration. 

As a leading packaging destination, r-pac Vietnam offers endless combinations of printing finishes to make your packaging luxurious and unique. Contact us and check out our appealing solutions to enhance your brand image. 

  • 23/07/2023